BMW M5 E39 Vehicle Overview and Test Drive

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I Bought the CHEAPEST BMW M5 on the Market!
One night I decided to check out some M cars on craigslist, just out of curiosity to see what they were going for. Then I came across this one, and decided to make an offer.

BMW E39 M5 Maintenance Cost - How Expensive Is It Really?
Vehicle Virgins discusses the maintenance cost on Parker Nirenstein's 2001 BMW M5. While the car is by no means unreliable, parts and labor are very costly so it is quite expensive to maintain. In his 2.5 years of ownership a combination of tires, brakes, clutch, driveshaft and other miscellaneous parts have totaled just under $10,000. Is it a lot? Yes. Is it worth it? Absolutely.

Review: A One-Owner 2002 BMW M5
I'm reviewing a friend's one-owner 2002 BMW M5 (E39) before he sells it to a used car dealer. (Doug DeMuro)

E39 M5 Update: Ryan, Kennan, & Luke
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