1973 Buick Century part 1.MOV

First Day fixing up the Century!

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Buick Century Catches Fire on Dyno
This 1993 Buick Century was on its way to the junkyard. Before it passes on, the machine gets one last Hurrah with a fat bottle of Nitrous Oxide and a heavy foot. I was at the Sloppy Mechanics' Dyno Day Meet in Allentown. The finale of the day was this sacrifice to the horsepower Gods!

buick century 1973
petit tour de ma nouvelle buick, ma 1ere americaine :D

1973 Buick Century GS455 - vintage road test

The 1973 Buick Century Gran Sport 455 – Closest to a supercar as it can get, since 1971
Without a doubt, the Buick division of General Motors was making an honest attempt to build better cars and this one was placing it in a class of its own. The Century nameplate returned to the intermediate-sized rear-wheel drive car, sitting on its A-body platform which it shares with sibling such as Pontiac Grand Prix, Pontiac LeMans, Pontiac GTO, Pontiac Can Am, Pontiac Grand Am and Oldsmobile Cutlass Surpreme. It replaced the Skylark on Buick’s mid-size sedans and wagons and even some coupes. The Buick Century was available with in two- and four-barrel versions of the Buick 350, having an output of 150HP and respectively 175HP. There was also an option for a 250HP version. The glorious return of the Buick Century, replacing the Skylark and being a supercar with the available Gran Sport option featuring a 455 cubic-inch V8 engine (7.5L).