2004 GTP Comp G Burn out/Quick race 2006 Impala SS V8

This is just a short video of me in my 2004 GTP compG and my younger brothers in his new Impala SS. Sorry about the bad camera job and the race was 0-60.

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GTP Comp G vs 5.0 Mustang
Mustang 5.0 with Intake/Exhaust/Heads/Gears vs Stock Grand Prix GTP Comp G

2004 Grand Prix Turbo
turbo Grand Prix flyby and races

2004 GTP vs. 1998 GTP
my friend in his 98 gtp with k&n, and me in my new bone stock 04 gtp. round 1 the 04 won, this was round 2 and the 98 won. round 1 didnt get recorded. so our score as of this video is 1-1

Ktuned 2008 Acccord V6 vs SCT 2006 Impala SS
Both cars had 2 people 60 roll then 50 roll 2008 Accord V6 J35Z3 6 Speed, AEM Cold Air, J Pipe, Magnaflow Catback with Resonator Delete, KTuned, BC Racing Coilovers 2006 Impala SS LS4 K&N Intake, 2.5" Spintech Catback, SLP Hi Flow Cat, SCT X4 by Jannetty Racing, SSC Springs, KYB Struts