2004 GTP Comp G Burn out/Quick race 2006 Impala SS V8

This is just a short video of me in my 2004 GTP compG and my younger brothers in his new Impala SS. Sorry about the bad camera job and the race was 0-60.

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GTP Comp G vs 5.0 Mustang
Mustang 5.0 with Intake/Exhaust/Heads/Gears vs Stock Grand Prix GTP Comp G

2006 Monte carlo SS VS 2008 Impala SS
Both Stock. This is done on a safe road, dead end with no houses on it. -Listen people, This was just for fun no need to get your panties in a bunch- Both have the same 5.3L V8 so with a true race, it would be up to the driver.

2004 Grand Prix Turbo
turbo Grand Prix flyby and races

2004 gtp CompG supercharger pulls
I just got a new 3.6 pulley put on my grand prix and just wanted to take some video clips.Also had zzp pcm,CAI,hi flow catted Down pipe,Tstat,plug/wires