The Driver Speaks Out - Sierra Kills Bigfoot Shootings (w/ Justin Smeja) • One of the biggest 'x factors' in this Sierra Kills event has been Justin Smeja's hunting partner, the driver. In the upcoming documentary on the incident, due in 2013, the driver breaks his silence. Here's a 3 minute sneak peek. Directed by: Ro Sahebi ---------- (Damian Bravo's site) (Phil Poling's channel) (The talented Guy Edward's site) (Bill Brock's channel) (Guided by Panda's work)

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Bigfoot Caught On Dash Cam - A Closer Look
The Police dash cam video with some enhancements.

"DEAD BIGFOOT: A True Story" (documentary) Official HD Release movie trailer • • Documentary starring Justin Smeja and Directed by Ro Sahebi. Go to to stay updated with official release information. In October of 2010, 2 young hunters shot a 7 foot tall animal they could not identify. It stood upright and walked like a man. Dead Bigfoot: A True Story, chronicles the events that followed the shooting in an attempt to learn more about the hunters involved and the alleged creature they killed. From the Sierra Kills story as seen on BBC's Bigfoot Files episode 2 with Dr. Brian Sykes.

Breakdown - Michigan Game Cam Bigfoot
What can I say - this is unreal!! And if you want a good laugh - look at it's right foot at minute 0:50! I think a woman's size 5 shoe?

Bigfoot Photo taken 8-18-2012
Two photos of a Bigfoot (Sasquatch) taken 8-18-2012 in the Rocky Mountains