The Driver Speaks Out - Sierra Kills Bigfoot Shootings (w/ Justin Smeja) • One of the biggest 'x factors' in this Sierra Kills event has been Justin Smeja's hunting partner, the driver. In the upcoming documentary on the incident, due in 2013, the driver breaks his silence. Here's a 3 minute sneak peek. Directed by: Ro Sahebi ---------- (Damian Bravo's site) (Phil Poling's channel) (The talented Guy Edward's site) (Bill Brock's channel) (Guided by Panda's work)

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10 Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty: Justin Says He's Killed Two Bigfoots
Back at base camp, Dr. Todd Disotell and Natalia Reagan have questions for the Bigfoot hunters, and Justin makes a startling claim: he's actually killed two Bigfoot. Will Team 10 Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty premieres Friday, January 10, 10/9c on Spike. Subscribe to SPIKE's Channel Here:

4 Terrifying BIGFOOT Encounters Caught on Camera
Subscribe NOW so you don't miss what's next: Bigfoot; a creature that has been spotted countless times throughout the ages and has managed to spark debate all over the world. It's up to you to figure out if the videos I'm about to show you, are real or fake. Here are 4 terrifying Bigfoot encounters caught on tape! Sources: "Bigfoot From Lettuce Lake Park Florida" ( "Paul Freeman Raw Video Footage" ( "Skunk Ape in Mississippi" ( "Large Sasquatch in Alberta" ( Follow me on Twitter:

5 Terrifying BIGFOOT Sightings Caught on Camera
▪ Subscribe NOW so you don't miss what's next ► ▪ Support me on PATREON ► ▪ Follow me on Twitter ► ▪ Follow me on Tumblr ► Sources: 5. "Marble Mountain Bigfoot "Original Video"" 4. "Clear Video of a TimberGiantBigFoot's Bigfoot, Stabilized with Sound Restored" 3. "Big Foot Sighting Alaska" 2. "Real Bigfoot Video Exclusive (Harley Hoffman)" 1. "Clear Video of Bigfoot Filmed During Independence Day?" ▪ Scary Countdowns ► ▪ Cryptid Profiles ► ▪ Creepypasta Reading ► ▪ Urban Legends Explained ► Any music made by: Myuuji ► CO.AG Music ► Business enquiries:

The Steve O'Neil Game Cam Attack Video
Watch the original video and all of his other vids here. Update. Mr. O'Neal has confirmed that this was him and not a real Bigfoot. He did this to help promote his business. End of story.