Fastest electric car in the world

The X1 prototype is the fastest electric car in the world, has beaten Ferraris, Porsches and Lamborghinis. And it has just as direct opponents, the Bugatti Veyron, considered the fastest road car in the world.

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12 Cheapest Electric Cars on Sale in 2017 (Review of Prices and Technical Characteristics)
Modern manufacturers seem to have placed a bet on the EV market segment and start producing all new electric automotive lines. But despite years of automotive research, modern EVs suffer from such downsides - low driving range; long charging time and the price. All of these downsides need to be addressed by manufacturers in the future. But right now it seems that many people are ready to cope with the low driving range and long charging time and only the price seems to scare potential customers away. So today we offer to take a look at the electric cars that provide the best technical specs for your money. Tesla Model 3 - KIA Soul EV – Volkswagen E-Up – -e-up/view/4259755/6e1e015af7bda8f2a4b42b43d2dcc9b5?p_p_auth=ZwqanJa3 Nissan Leaf – Hyundai Ioniq – Chevrolet Bolt EV – Ford Focus Electric – Volkswagen e-Golf – Mitsubishi i-MiEV – Renault Kangoo ZE – 9 Renault Zoe – Mahindra e2o –

X1 Electric car vs. a Lambo and a NASCAR race car.
X1 Electric car vs. a Lamborghini and a NASCAR race car. From an old episode of Science Channel's Cool Stuff TV show. Discovery Communications own the copyright of this clip from the Cool Stuff TV show. Show your support by subscribing to Discover Channel, Science Channel and TLC. They are my favorite channels and my reason to subscribe to cable TV. Please subscribe to

Behind the scenes of building an electric car - The journey
Follow us on a journey of the successes and dissapointments that were tse_10. Team Swinburne Electric 2010, AKA tse_10, was the first year a group of Swinburne engineering students endevoured to develop and build an Electric Vehicle for the Formula SAE competition. The team hit trouble when they blew up their motor controller, just over a week before the competition. The team then borrowed another motor controller which also ended up blowing. The team then borrowed ANOTHER motor controller, to which they had some success, until the night before the competition, when it also blew up. In total the team blew up 3x $4,000 controllers, 6 times (after repairs). It is thought that the motor is faulty and is causing the issues. Team Leaders: Stefan Smolenaers Matthew Femino Final Year Members: Joel Moses Jason Whittle Non Final Year Members: Wayne Murphy Jacob Vu Tran Adrian Cowen External Support James Kirk Ken ? Kevin Woodhouse ATA and MEVIG Warning: Although edited, this is behind the scenes footage and may contain some course language and/or offensive behaviour.

Top 6 electric car concepts from Geneva 2017!
These are the best, coolest, craziest electric cars we've spotted on the floor of the Geneva Motor Show 2017!