Ford Falcon FG - Sound proofing install - Front Door

I searched for information on how to install some sound proofing and I struggled to find anything. I decided to video the project as I installed Road Kill and new speakers to my FG Falcon.

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Ford Falcon FG Sound Proofing Doors
We did a little bit of sound proofing on the doors. Nothing too serious, it was just to help make the sound system better and bring road noise down. Super simple stuff, fairly cheap too. FGmods and FGgarage stickers now available Music Palm Tree Gang - Pass Me By (feat. Openwater) Palm Tree Gang Openwater Yoste - Chihiro Yoste

Alex Car Audio Specialist - Visit from STP Mr Andrew Suchkov
Welcome to STP Technical Director, Mr Andrew Suchkov to Alex Car Audio Specialist for a special visit on talking STP sound proof. FB link : All right reserved to CJ Bug Production.

*Cheap Fix* Improve Mid Bass and SQ in your car!
This video shows an example of how to improve the sound quality and mid bass response of your door speakers in your car. This improvement comes from sealing off the doors which turns them into sealed enclosures for your speakers. You will need: - Approx. 5 sheets of Damplifier or Damplifier Pro - A half sheet of Hardboard and a jigsaw or router to cut it into shape An alternative would be to use cardboard but it will not hold up as well. Alternate: Second Skin overkill or foam with lots of mass to it Second Skin speaker tweaker kit or bumpy foam A can of spray adhesive 1. Use damplifier/ damp pro to seal any holes in the door. Remember the holes can be left where the door clips need to go in! 2. Use the damp/ damp pro to deaden to door as well. Put it anywhere that looks like it would vibrate back and forth. 3. Use spray adhesive to attach foam or Overkill to the inner door panel area and the bumpy foam or speaker tweaker kit right behind the speaker's magnet. 4. There will be a large gaping hole. Cut the cardboard/hardboard to fit into the hole and maybe overlap a bit. Use your damp or damp pro to attach it to the door. Cover all of it with the damp/damp pro. Done! Your speakers will sound a lot better now. The next step is to get new speakers and amplify them with a 2 or 4 channel amplifier.

SQ Car Audio Project Part 2 Door Damping with Stinger Roadkill
This is the second installment of my SQ Car audio build up. Today I applied Stinger Expert Roadkill damping material. It took almost 6 hours and my back and hands all hurt, but it should be worth it when it's all done. The doors are rock solid now. I'll probably pick up some Overkill and cover the doors with that also before I put the skins back on. Fyi, the knock test on the door is much more dramatic in person. In the video it only sounds slightly different, in person its pretty amazing. In the next episode, I'll be testing out my Sundown Audio SAX-1200D amplifier and RE Audio subwoofers. Stay tuned and please subscribe! Thanks for Watching! *Edit: It's actually called "Stinger Expert Roadkill", for some reason I thought it was "Extreme" probably because Dynamat calls thiers that.