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SandyHook Class Photo SECRET REVEALED Soto Class Hoax
Sandy Hook Students in Victoria Soto's class Secret Revealed!!! They are alive! The Soto Class picture contains the following people.... erica lafferty ryan kraft tiana dwyer rachel schiavone mergim bajraliu kim wise They appear to be about 20-25 years old today! During the Superbowl 2013 more Sandyhook children were brought out from this class photo. The children appear to be around 12-14 years old today. (superbowl link QKULTRA CHANNEL walker previdi jack mcdonnell guy bacon nate wheeler jake hockley freddy hubbard (( sandy hook victims?)) alive at superbowl, some are also pictured in the Soto classroom photo charlotte bacon avielle richman josephine gay ben wheeler emilie parker caroline previdi grace mcdonnell olivia engel Two generations of children are being put together in this photoshopped picture. WHY? original video found at Thanks to TheTruelifeJay channel (mirrored)

EXCLUSIVE: Alex Jones Challenges MSNBC!
Alex Jones is challenging MSNBC and Megyn Kelly to release the full unedited version of their interview with Alex Jones otherwise he will release it himself. MSNBC recently published a heavily edited preview indicating their version of the interview will be used as a hit piece to vilify Alex Jones. Having anticipated this move, Infowars recorded their own copy of the interview as a safeguard whereby, once again, the MSM could be exposed as fake news. Share the free live video feed link with your friends & family: Exclusive! Alex Jones Challenges Megan Kelly to release full interview, or he will! Alex Jones Megyn Kelly Full Interview Leaked Alex Jones Megyn Kelly Full Phone Interview Leaked MEGYN KELLY TAPE Alex Jones has released recordings made during a pre-interview between himself and Megyn Kelly to set the record straight after the release of the highly edited promo for the NBC hosts upcoming hit piece. Help us spread the word about the liberty movement, we're reaching millions help us reach millions more. Share the video Alex Jones Releases Audio Of Megyn Kelly INFOWARS HOW ALEX JONES OUTSMARTED MEGYN KELLY friDAY JUNE 16TH 2017 MEGYN KELLY AUDIO RELEASED BY ALEX JONES 6/15/17 06/15/2017 Megyn Kelly and NBC News have faced heavy criticism for a plan to air an interview this Sunday with Alex Jones, the controversial purveyor of the Infowars website and radio outlet who is routinely accused of spreading false conspiracy theories. Already, J.P. Morgan is insisting its ads not run during the Father’s Day airing of Sunday Night With Megyn Kelly while Sandy Hook Promise has dumped Kelly as host of a planned fundraiser because Jones has claimed the Sandy Hook mass murders were a hoax. The Hollywood Reporter spoke exclusively to Jones about the growing controversy. What’s your answer to those who say NBC shouldn’t give a spotlight to you? That’s fine, don’t air the piece, because from the promos NBC has run Megyn is distorting me. They’re acting like I double-downed on Sandy Hook by saying nobody died there when I simply explored three theories: that another group killed the kids; or that they used actors; or the story is all true. I played devil’s advocate because the Internet didn’t believe the official story. I said three or four years ago it happened, but then when I said it again a year ago they said, “Oh look, he’s changing his story.” Are you surprised NBC hasn’t caved into the pressure yet? I think it’s a bunch of PR. Kelly speaks to Sandy Hook groups. Well, one of them just canceled on Kelly because of her interview with you. I know. I think that’s part of the operation. I can’t prove it, but it has all the markings of a PR stunt. The minute she put that promo out there, there were groups calling for boycotts. It was basically instantaneous. Who started this campaign to boycott? Chelsea Clinton. She was the first person I saw who tweeted there should be a boycott. This is a lady who in Wikileaks admitted her parents were swindling 97 percent of the relief money for Haiti, so she’s got a lot of blood on her hands. Is NBC News “fake news”? Fake news lives at NBC. They basically made me look like a Halloween character. They interviewed me from 9:30 a.m. til 10:45 p.m. and the promo piece was completely edited into something I never said. This is one of the biggest stories in the country and I said a day ago that I agree, they should cancel the airing of this. They’re airing it on Father’s Day so they can run around saying, “On Father’s Day, he attacks families.” Give me a break. This is all garbage from the PR department. All’s I said is that my audience saw anomalies at Sandy Hook. Clearly, CNN was faking locations, there is some fake stuff, that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen, so I said maybe a larger organization carried it out because the person who supposedly carried it out was incompetent. We had debates and looked at all three sides of it. I’m not running away from Sandy Hook. I watched the parents on TV and thought, “Those are either Oscar-winning actors or this really happened like they said.” I think it really happened… but I question the media just like most of the public questions the media. I’m successful because when I don’t know what’s going on I look at every angle. Have you spoken to any of the Sandy Hook parents? I’ve tried to get them on and they’ve refused for four years. I have had a bunch of newspaper writers on who disagreed with some of the other guests I’ve had who think the whole official story is true. Megyn Kelly Visits Alex Jones At Infowars Studios Alex Jones Warns Megyn Kelly, Exposes Psychological Warfare Operation Alex Jones warns Megyn Kelly that he knows the sort of hit piece she was trying to create when she interviewed him Alex Jones Responds To Megyn Kelly Firestorm alex jones today MEGYN KELLY TAPES NBC phone call

Crisis actress appears 3 different times; 1. Sandy Hook 2. Boston Bombing 3. Police Chase
This woman appears three different times as three different people, notice the way she pronounces her ssss sound in every video, notice how her lower teeth stick out in every video...

"CNN Live Saudia Arabia SCUD Attack"...Like Sandy Hook Shootings: MORE CNN FRAUD Email: [HOW THE MEDIA LIES: Lying Brian Williams/NBC; SCUD Attack Fraud] [NO Sandy Hook Elementary School Internet Operations: 2007-2013: jEynfYyz3olgyEunw] White House Controlled Propaganda Through National Media Authoritarian and Fraud-Based (11 Sep 2001) Patriot Act/Homeland Security BILL OF RIGHTS: Bluescreen Andy (and for that matter...Bluescreen Chuck...BS Chuck) Correctly Called LIARS: CNN Lies Under the Guise of TERRORISM and EVIL GUNS: The George Bush Sr./CNN LIE to Support Middle East War Expansion: Sadaam Hussein Is Attacking Saudi Arabia. Charles Jaco is a classic CNN liar who has won FRAUDULENTLY...3 Peabody for which he is seen here in a theatrically contrived "LIVE" video from Saudi Arabia, on 21 January 1991...another CNN LIE of course...aired to the entire world by CNN as AUTHENTIC...precisely identical in Sandy Hook Elementary School murders. It was actually filmed at CNN headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia...complete with blue screen prop and auxiliary palm trees...and partying before the "takes"...THREE of which are seen in this video. Knowing that CNN = clearly shown here...and complete with the requisite "highly professional women" ...with equally high "integrity" at CNN Headquarters...WHY do folks repeatedly...and in COMPLETE faith in CNN... cite CNN as their source of the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre?...or the Century 16 Theater shootings on 20 July 2012...or the 05 August 2012 Sikh Temple shootings...or ANYTHING else...for that matter? [Earlier CNN and Other White House Media LIES Concerning CIA Asset Manue Noriega] UNITED STATES RAPE OF PANAMA: CNN Hides Fact That George Bush Sr PAID Manuel Noriega (a CIA Asset for CONTRA Weapons Support and Bush-CIA Drug Running Operations): The US PANAMA DECEPTION Part 1 (Yet More CNN/CBS/ABC LIES): The US PANAMA DECEPTION Part 2 (Yet More CNN/CBS/ABC LIES): ...They're from the same family of US Government controlled media...and of course predominantly wife pointed out that the so-called "alarm" in the background is IDENTICAL to one our children's space toys...purchased from Kaybees in Fredericksburg VA....1991 time frame. Well...the essential point to all of this is...never believe CNN/NBC/ABC/CBS/FOX...Never!...NEVER! It takes longer however today you MUST do your own news research. ALL TERRORISTS ATTACKS AGAINST THE UNITED STATES ARE DOMESTIC IN ORIGIN, AS FUNCTIONS OF THE US GOVERNMENT. NO "FOREIGN" TERRORISTS HAVE EVER PHYSICALLY ATTACKED AMERICA; including 26 February 1993 (WTC); 19 April 1995 (Oklahoma City Murrah Federal Building); 11 September 2001 World Trade Center and Pentagon). The Patriot Act and Homeland "security" are commensurately FRAUDULENT instruments of a corrupt US Government. (CIA MURDERS A FAMILY WHICH DENIES 9/11) GET IT STRAIGHT: The United States Government has been openly attacking American citizens: 22 November 1963 (JFK Murder); 26 February 1993 (FBI Special Agents Anticev, Jack Cloonan, and CIA operative Emat Salem); 19 April 1995 (OKC Murrah Federal Building by ATF/FBI/CIA); and of course 11 September 2001 (NYC World Trade Center and Pentagon Detonations). America HAS BEEN IN A CIVIL WAR WITH ITS REBELLIOUS AND CRIMINAL GOVERNMENT through these years...AND AS IT ATTACKS OTHER NATIONS BASED SQUARELY ON HOME-GROWN FRAUD AND MURDER. (On Facebook)