600+hp Buick Century GS 1/4mile drag race

600+hp 1973 Buick Century Gran Sport 464 big block 1/4mile drag race (gearbox problems)

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How To Fix ABS & Traction OFF / Service Traction System Light Monte Carlo Chevy Impala Buick Century
MAKE SURE THAT YOU TURN THE IGNITION ON BEFORE CHECKING RESISTANCE ONT HE SENSOR CONNECTORS In this video i will help you figure out where the problem is coming from. If you have the ABS and Traction OFF lights on your dash you either have a bad hub speed sensor or a bad wire connector to the speed sensor. Best way to figure out where the problem is coming from is to scan for ABS codes, if you do not have an ABS scanner auto parts stores such as Auto Zone will scan for those codes for free. Once you get the codes you will know which sensors are coming up as bad. If, for an example you have a bad front passenger side speed sensor code, first thing you need to do is jack the car up, take both front wheels off, turn the ignition ON and get the reading from the good side connector that leads from the ABS control module to the speed sensor and then get the reading from the bad side connector. If the readings are the same, that means that your hub/speed sensor is bad, go ahead and replace it and that will solve your issue. If the readings are different, then your wiring is the issue. This worked for me, i had bad wiring on the passenger side of the car and a bad hub/speed sensor on the rear driver side. You cannot tell if the wiring is bad just by looking at it, get a multimeter and measure the resistance on the connectors that will tell you all that you need to know. ANOTHER THING THAT I COMPLETELY FORGOT TO MENTION IN THE VIDEO IS, IF YOU BY SOME CHANCE GET ALL 4 SPEED SENSORS TO COME UP AS BAD THERE IS A GOOD CHANCE YOU HAVE A BAD ABS MODULE OR A LOOSE CONNECTION AT THE ABS MODULE. THIS IS HOWEVER VERY RARE, BUT IT DOES HAPPEN.

Commercial for the 1962 Buick Wildcat, a full-sized auto produced by the Buick division of General Motors from 1962-1970. Per Wikipedia: "In 1962 the Wildcat was a Buick Invicta subseries, mating the Invicta's longer full-size two-door hardtop Buick body (known as the "sport coupe," body production code 4647) with a high-performance 325 hp (242 kW) version of the 401 cu in (7 l) Nailhead V8, known as the Wildcat 445 for producing 445 lb·ft (603 N·m) of torque. To further distance itself from the Invicta, the Wildcat had Electra 225-like taillights, a bucket seat interior, a center console with tachometer and transmission shifter. It had the famous Dynaflow transmission shared by all full-size Buicks, plus special exterior side trim, vinyl-covered roof (new for 1962), and its own unique emblem: a stylized head of a wild cat, located on each of the C-pillars. However, the Wildcat did share the LeSabre's and Invicta's trio of VentiPorts on the front fenders, a design cue lasting only through the 1963 model year."

Twin Turbo Buick Century vs. Oldsmobile
Supra Twin turbos in a Sleeper Buick Century vs. Oldsmobile

Coolest Girl Ever at the Boat Ramp
This is definitely one of a kind... AWESOME!!!