IIRA Ice Race at Mankato (Lake Washington)

Sports car racing on the frozen lake Washington just north of Mankato, MN. February 14/15, 2009.

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SCCA Ice Racing/Rallycross. Something every enthusiast needs to try! Here's why...
A more behind-the-scenes look at an SCCA Ice Race/Rallycross held in Beaverton Michigan by the Saginaw Valley Region SCCA chapter. http://www.svr-scca.com/ This event had about 50 vehicles. Each driver gets 5 runs + a practice run. I ran my B5 Audi S4 quattro and had a fun time.

IIRA Ice Race in Mankato, MN on Lake Washington
IIRA-IceRace.org International Ice Racing Association Sports car racing on frozen lake Washington. Mankato, Minnesota January 10, 2010 For more videos like this, or to find out where future events will be held, visit IIRA-IceRace.org Song: Metallica, "No Leaf Clover"

IIRA Ice Race Part 1 PIP in Mankato, MN on Madison Lake
International Ice Racing Association Mankato, MN Madison Lake February 14, 2010 For more videos and event info visit: IIRA-IceRace.org

IIRA Ice Race at Garrison (Mille Lacs Lake)
Sports car racing on Mille Lacs Lake in Garrison, Minnesota. Febrary 28th, March 1st. Watch for car crashes at 2:12 and 6:44. Music: Metallica "Master of Puppets"