Girl on a scooter crashes hard into a car in Key West, Florida

I just hope she's not calling her personal injury lawyer after that.

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Cop almost hits biker and pulls him over
skip from 1:10-3:10 hes just running my license. I was riding straight in my own lane and this cop swerved into my lane, and came within 6 inches from hitting my front tire. He claimed I was weaving in and out of traffic which is a bunch of bs. He was not in a squad car so he called in the biker cops to pull me over. I did NOT get a ticket. OBVIOUSLY FILMED FROM MY CELL PHONE.

bad scooter crash caught on a dashcam

Car Vs Motor Bike Roadrage
Car vs motorbike altercation

10 Motorcycle and Scooter crashes in one minute. Accident and fail compilation part 4 HD
0:59 for more crash compilations. Scooter and motorcycle accidents compilation. Will upload weekly. Please subscribe. Thank you. 69 She bangs Showing off failed big time. Clip 4 Clip 5 Synchronized falling. Right of way fail. Run a red. Big bike got wipped out by a scooter. Scooter crash into a bicyclist. Scooter highside on racing track.