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Girl on a scooter crashes hard into a car in Key West, Florida

I just hope she's not calling her personal injury lawyer after that.


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russian train operators excited to crush car left near tracks
locomotive drivers come across a car parked too close to the tracks in the woods. russia.. crash it , have a laugh about it and keep going.. :) :)

bad scooter crash caught on a dashcam

Motorcycle and Scooter crash/accident fail compilation part 1
Scooter and motorcycle accidents compilation. Will upload weekly. Please subscribe. Thank you. No one in these videos died. Scooter high side? Or just front tire locked up? Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=85i4Rrfacfs HD Scooter hit and run. Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=osJ8_PaSn1s Another hit and run. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3o1AiRYCnoc Scooter and truck head on collision. They were hospitalized but expected full recovery. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TPegZWQXF84 Sh*t his pants. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oHV6EDUhjKg ----- crash accident police crashes motorcycle scooter moped horrible HD injured highway no death hit and run bystander auto

Lady crashes motorcycle during training course
Vancouver, Washington, USA. The worst part about this, is this woman already rides her own motorcycle illegally without her endorsement.... Was filming my girlfriend taking the endorsement test when I spotted this woman struggling.

Extreme road rage - Car tries to take out bikers!
A group of bikes were riding in Omaha, NE this weekend when the driver of a car decided to try and drive them off the road. You can see several times when the driver attempts to wreck the bikes at 60+ MPH. It's unknown what provolked the driver of the car. Driver was arrested for drug charges, nothing related to the bike incident.

Asleep - Fatal Accident

Episode 1: Yamaha R1 vs Yamaha R6 Test
A Shootout between two sport bikes from Yamaha, the R1 and the R6, both 2012 models

Very funny Girl Crashes Motorcycle
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ifunnyvideoz Like us on facebook for more funny videos Very funny Girl Crashes Moped

Two Angry Guys VS White Van Man
Puff Daddy & Rasta Mouse fight off a white van man! I dont know exactly what happened. I only saw what you see here. Welcome to Brixton! --------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------- Interested in getting a helmet camera? Visit www.actioncameras.co.uk and use discount code "P18710" for 10% off. It actually works out cheaper than anywhere else. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------

Real life frogger fail. Motorcycle scooter crash compilation - 10 accidents in 1 min part 6
Please subscribe and give a thumb-up. Real life froggy fail. Hot girl jaywalked and hit by a scooter. youtu.be/WJJuM-JyEQQ Go left or go right? If you can't make up your mind, slow down first. youtu.be/eCTjyG0G5SQ Traffic light malfunction -1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KUsiNvuGk7w Traffic light malfunction -2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vPonr9XfPUI Get out of my way!! Although the lady on the scooter has the right of way, she is clearly not paying attention. http://youtu.be/RzaylVetx4Y#! Biker hit light post and was almost ran over by a car. Again PAY attention to the road. http://youtu.be/qOCR-qgTgq8 Motorcylist hit by a red-light runner. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mIiNH32uxKA Both scooter ride the wrong side of the road and end up crash into each other. http://youtu.be/aPfXLojdMiE Slippery road. http://youtu.be/vNU6UkcJBxA Racing Scooter lowside on go Kart track. http://youtu.be/-qZFd3zv5y8

10 Motorcycle and scooter crash in 1 minute. Accident compilation part 7.
Thank you for watching. Please give a LIKE and subscribe. Will upload weekly. Kung Fu crash! Scooter slide under parked car. http://youtu.be/81iONcjks0Q Kung Fu crash 2. Bumblebee scooter crash! Slow down if you don't have a clear visual. http://youtu.be/AwH2cG98lbI Almost ran over by a car. http://youtu.be/1jsNC57bSUs Fail to do a live saver check before turning. http://youtu.be/BgIU4d6A15Y Left turning car failed to yeild to on-coming traffic. http://youtu.be/AVYikYUab5U Target fixation http://youtu.be/81iNOkcjsQ0 Turn right whenever I want. http://youtu.be/BsKStp9vlmU Still need a live saver check when you are violating traffic rule. http://youtu.be/4mEyqvTK8SQ http://youtu.be/zinf9jzI3pc Car driver cut in without looking. http://youtu.be/B8iJMEY7ySk

moped stunts and crashes
a quick movie i made, no bad comments please sorry if its not that good its my first movie.. hope you like it songs and movie clips at the end so you can make your own :P subscribe if you want.. thanks

Hayabusa FAIL

10 motorcycle crashes in 1 minute. Scooter crash compilation part 9
We will upload videos weekly. Please subscribe to more exciting crash compilations. http://youtu.be/fhOmx8zLGQI http://youtu.be/9zb18qfcgT8 http://youtu.be/ruWWdqW4mtg http://youtu.be/6Krim8Qr2Ww http://youtu.be/tHG_d3N5fh0 http://youtu.be/0mnwKkXoYCM http://youtu.be/NxqFJRpOt58 http://youtu.be/GYEphJPyIsk http://youtu.be/aPMg8Wt75jM http://youtu.be/l9-1MnMX79c http://youtu.be/bNj31rwgrWE

horrible multi-car high speed accident with 2 trucks in Moscow
dashcam footage of a fatal accident .. a truck hits another truck at high speed and causes a big mess on the highway

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