Chevy Vega 72 Hermosillo,Sonora

chevy vega 1972 Primer Evento Autodromo de Hermosillo 2010 BR.11:60 Pista Y Calle. Sanitooo Originalito........

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chevy vega 72 hillo,son,mex. macaro
chevy vega calle y pista hillo,son.

ronnie's vega 1
1973 Chevy Vega

Goku CM - Sicario de barrio
Video producido para el Goku CM en Hermosillo, Sonra Producido por Monge producciones INFO DE CONTACTO Tel. 3062785 Nextel 72 *648072*1

Big Block Chevy Vega Wagon 8.86 at 153mph
This is the run I made right after the big wheelie pass (see my other vids to see that run). This pass was made with 4 primary header tubes collapsed to about half their original size as a result of coming down from the wheelstand the run before. I still haven't raised the shift point yet. Still short shifting at 7,000rpm.