SRT-4 Side Exit Exhaust

This is a Custom set-up 3 Inch turbo Back!

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SRT4 MPx Side Exit Exhaust
3 inch MPx side exit Exhaust, catless downpipe, on an 04 modded SRT4. Filmed with GoPro Hero 3+

SRT-4 Catless Side Exit Exhaust
Just a quick video of the Exhaust on my 2005 SRT-4. It has all stock plumbing with everything cut off and a tip welded on the side, so a true straight piped side exit. The video doesn't get the sound perfect but it gives you an idea. I'm going to play around with different placements of the GoPro and see if I can get some better sound in the future.

My NSRT with GReddy Evo 2 exhaust walkaround
What I do: This is a walk around of my 2004 Dodge Neon SRT-4 stage 2 with GReddy Evo 2 Exhaust.

My 2005 SRT4 ACR with the MPx 3" Exhaust System
This is the MPx 3" catless downpipe and side exit Exhaust system.