Aston Martin DB7 Keswick Special Edition 1of10 Produced

Hompsan spots an extrodinary Aston Martin DB7 Keswick Special Edition one of only 10 in the world. Superb car and ligthing conditions . I was stunned to find it.

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Aston Martin DBS - DB9 & DB7 Lovely Sounds- 1080p HD
Like my Official Facebook Page! -----------------------------------------INFO BELOW------------------------------------ I recorded these 3 cars during "De droomrit voor het leven 2012" that's a good caus event. The DBS is the successor of the DB9 and that's the successor of the DB7! Which one do you like the most? ________________________________________________________________ Hi, my name is Rico, better known on youtube as BugattiF430! I study for cameraman/editor, so I try to get the best out of my camera and edit to make amazing exotic car video's for you! The Camera I use now is a canon Eos 60D, so all my video's are in full-HD (1080p)! In the past I've filmed a lot of Exotic Cars like: Ferrari, Lamborghini, Pagani, Koenigsegg, Bugatti, BMW, Audi, Porsche, Aston Martin and much more! I'll upload a new video every teusday and saturday, so stay tuned to these days for some awesome video's! If you like my video's, feel free to subscribe, rate, comment and share! It would help ma a lot to become more succesful with my channel and also upload more an better video's in the future! ________________________________________________________________ - Rico

Silver Aston Martin DB7 GT - Start-Up, Accelerations, Revving, Walkaround
Now usually, when i see an Aston Martin, it's always either a DB9 or an AMV8. This time, it wasn't either one. It was a Much more interesting model, the predecessor to the DB9, the DB7. This isn't however, any DB7. This is the GT Variant, the last Batch of DB7's to come out of Aston's Factory. The GT was essentially, an Improved variant of the DB7 V12 Vantage. This meant the GT had a Cosworth Tuned, 6.0 Litre V12 producing around 435bhp at the flywheel, but some cars may vary. The GT and the GTA are identical cars with similar specifications, ableit the engines are quite different, the GTA came with the Automatic Transmission, and the GT came with the Manual Transmission In Asthetics, the DB7 GT and GTA came with New Wheels, a Mesh front Grill, Vents in the Bonnet, a rear Spoiler, an Aluminium Gear Lever, Optional Carbon Fibre trim and Rear Brakes from Brembo. Not many DB7 GT's have actually been found. 190 DB7 GT's were produced! of these less than 80 remain in the UK. I actually saw this car entering the Halford's and Staples car park a few weeks back. Since i've never actually recorded a DB7 fully, i wanted to investigate. After doing some shots of the car, the Owner and his friend came. They were more than happy for me to record their car. It was a real honour. I managed to get the Start-Up of the DB7, maybe the first Start-Up of a DB7 GT on YouTube. The Owners then Turned onto Foss Island Road and kind of Floored the DB7 as well. I then Caught up with it as it was at some Traffic Lights. It was actually Stationary very close to an Exotic Saloon, a Black Audi S6 V10 Saloon. They both then set off. A Real treat to record the Start-Up, Some Revving, a Walkaround Movie and Acceleration of this Beauty. I Would love to thank the owner for this. Anyway, hope you enjoy the video Please Feel Free to Leave a Comment ~GTRJacko Song Name: Mt Eden Dubstep - Escape Spot is now on AG here: Shot at HD 720p, Photoed at 14 Megapixels, Uploaded at Full HD 1080p Come, see and join my Partner MrRod787's Website here: Come and Join York's No.1 Exotic Spotter's Facebook group here to get updated with all the latest News from GTRJacko:!/pages/GTRJacko/162644963761061 Visit mine and jordanclarkson2010's website here: Take a Look at my Flickr Photostream here: ©GTRJacko

Ferrari 550 and Aston Martin DB7 start up and drive off
Here's a video I took of a Ferrari 550 Maranello and an Aston Martin DB7 Vantage starting up and driving off. They both have monstrous V12s and no camera can do them justice to how they are in real life!

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