Gen 2 Type 65 Coupe Overview

The Gen 2 Type 65 Coupe features a number of updates including a new glass rear hatch, an updated front suspension, improved door fitment, and more. FFR President goes over all the changes in this video.

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Gen 3 Type 65 Coupe-R Test Day
Running in the Type 65 Coupe-R at Canaan Raceway - July 20th, 2017. Driver: John George Crew: Jim Schenck and Jon Dean

Factory Five MK IV Roadster Build Sequence
Step by Step Build Sequence of a FFR MK IV Roadster Build Sequence

Track Club USA - Autox - Devens May 18 2013 - 1965 FFR Type 65 Coupe Visits Factory Five
The automotive website recently went on a road trip from New York to Boston and made sure to visit Factory Five before heading up to the city for a tour. Note: The host speaks French and we do not have subtitles.