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Blazer ZR2 Stock horn VS. HornBlasters XL's (HQ)

2003 Chevy blazer ZR2 stock horn VS HornBlasters Conductors Special model 540 Train horn kit. 5 gallon Hornair air tank, Viair 400C compressor, 1/2in airline shockers S4 horns .


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HornBlasters Shocker 540 Train Horn On a 1995 Corvette!
I got the horn off of my dads truck because he didn't want it, now it's on my car!

Hornblasters Shocker 240 Conductors Special Model 240 Train Horn Kit Demo
This is just a quick demo video of my Hornblasters Train Horn kit. The kit is the Conductors Special Model 240. Very very pleased with the kit. It measures in at around 150-160 decibels, was very easy to install and sounds great. This specific kit is probably the best shocker kit you can get. There is only 1 model above it and that is the 540 kit and it looks to be the exact same, except it comes with a bigger tank. The directions for installing the kit are super easy to follow and understand. Just take your time, plot out where you want everything to go and get to work on it. This kit is installed on my Lexus SC300. If anyone ever wants help installing their kit, send me a message and I'll give you the best advice I can on doing it. Its not hard at all, but like everything else there are short cuts to make things easier. Link to my kit: I don't think Hornblasters sells a $250 kit.. This is the Conductors Special kit. Link below. http://www.hornblasters.com/products/details.php?i=shocker-240-train-horn-k it

Vehicle HORN Comparison
Different horns you can put on your car or motorcycle......or bicycle.

Solid axle ZR2 climing some rocks

Hornblasters Shocker XL Train Horns Drive By
Hornblasters Shocker XL train horns @ 200 PSI 5 Gallon Air Tank ViAir 480c Compressor 2005 Chevrolet Silverado z71 6 inch Fabtech suspension lift 35 x 12.50 - 18 Mickey Thompson ATZs

ZR2 Blazer Rock Climb
2001 Chevy ZR-2 Blazer rock climbing at Crabtree Meadows in Montebello, Virginia. Awesome for a stock truck!!!

zr2s an jeep off road
2 zr2 chevy blazers and jeep off rding

Stock truck horn vs Hornblasters S4 vs K5LA vs RS5T
A comparison test between Stock truck horns, Hornblasters shockers S4 horns, Nathan K5LA train horn(#10947) and a Leslie RS5T-RRO train horn(Parsippany NJ, 3rd quarter, 1981, EX-CSX heritage). I will make more videos with longer honks on the Nathan and Leslie coming in the spring and summer and the special 4th of july honking!! Until then, ENJOY!

SFA ZR2 Blazer attempts hill climb at Durhamtown
'05 ZR2 blazer with a 6" SFA swap set-up with a dana 44 out of a TJ Rubicon. 35's with air lockers front and rear.

Hornblasters Train Horn Driveby HB4H
Me in my 1998 ford explorer doin a demo of my Hornblasters S4 "Shocker" horns runnin at 150psi on a 2 gallon tank.. You can hear them faintly from a 1/2 mile away. not as loud as nathan airchimes, but certainly loud enough.

Shocker XL's on my Dodge Ram Hemi
Just installed my Shocker XL's on my Ram. 5 Gal tank @ 150 PSI. If you look close you can see my grille, headlights, and fog lights are lit up green with LED's.

ZR2 Blazer climbs small ledge!
Miles from www.txzr2.com climbs a small ledge out at Long Wheeling Ranch!

4.3L 03 S10 Custom Side Exhaust
2003 Chevy S10 With custom dual side exit Exhaust. V-Flow Single in dual out muffler.

BLAZER / ZR2 help each other at Oakville Mud Bog SAND TROOPERS
Dad helping Joe get unstuck at Oakville Mud Bog in Milan Michigan.

Justin's 1999 Chevy Blazer ZR2 3-23-2013
Overview of a nice solid axle swapped Blazer.

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