Blazer ZR2 Stock horn VS. HornBlasters XL's (HQ)

2003 Chevy blazer ZR2 stock horn VS HornBlasters Conductors Special model 540 Train horn kit. 5 gallon Hornair air tank, Viair 400C compressor, 1/2in airline shockers S4 horns .

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Car Horn vs. Hornblasters XL vs. Nathan AirChime K5LA (HQ)
Comparison test between a stock zr2 car horn, a loud set of hornblasters XL horns, and a Nathan AirChime K5la train horn. Hornblaster horns honked at 150 psi and 130 for the Nathan K5LA.

Best of Train Horn SCARES! NEW Compilation!
This is a compilation of train horn scares that I have done over the past few years. The horn being used in the video is a Nathan Airchime k3 running at 150-200 psi running off of my air ride system I had installed in my 2001 Crown Vic. I built the car to be a lowrider running on air bags. I decided a train horn would be a perfect addition to the car seeing how I had an ample supply of air in my 12 gallon reserve tank. These videos were all taken during the summer of 2011 in various spots around Ohio. Nobody was harmed in the filming of these clips, although I cannot promise you that everyones underwear was still clean after hearing my horn. I bring you this compilation in hopes of bringing smiles to everyones face who watches it. Thanks for watching and please be sure to subscribe if you want to see more..I am always uploading new videos!

Conductor Special Train Horn
blowing a train horn at the people camping out for play station 3's at 3am