'04 Pontiac Nationals Brian Cooks '62 Catalina

GTOs, Firebirds, LeMans' and Catalina's doing burnouts at the 2004 or 2005 Ames Performance Pontiac Nationals.

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Cruisin' the pits at Norwalk Pontiac Nationals 2011

'04 Pontiac Nationals
Lots of burnouts, Brian Cooks black 1962 Catalina runs a quarter mile.

Dirty Bird 1st pass at Norwalk Pontiac Nationals 2009
Dirty Bird runs 6.63 @ 211.5 MPH Fastest ET at the Norwalk Pontiac Nationals 2009 Racing Event !!!

1964 Pontiac Catalina 2+2
1964 Pontiac Catalina 2+2 W51. I was the second owner of this classic. '64 was a great year for Pontiac. They introduced two performance models in response to their competitors in Detroit. The GTO took the Headlines but they also introduced the Catalina 2+2 that was equivalent to the SS on the Chevrolet line. It had an option code of W51 and came with a 389 4 Barrel with 10.5:1 Compression 306 HP and 420 Lb Ft Torque bucket seats and badging. The little old lady I purchased this car from in Virginia took excellent care of it. It 92,000 original miles and still retained the original interior right down to the clear factory floor mats! Only 7,500 were produced so it is somewhat rare.