'04 Pontiac Nationals Brian Cooks '62 Catalina

GTOs, Firebirds, LeMans' and Catalina's doing burnouts at the 2004 or 2005 Ames Performance Pontiac Nationals.

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I don't know if you can see the sparkle of the Azure Metallic paint, but it actually sparkles. And this is an original survivor with no restoration performed at all. Luscious white vinyl interior is fresh and wholesome with no tears or wear. Pontiac models this year, from the bottom, are Ventura II, Firebird, Le Mans, Catalina, Bonneville, Grand Ville, and Grand Prix. Engines for the Catalina were all V8's and ranged from 350 / 160, 400 / 175, the big block 455 / 185 & 220 bhp. This convertible would run you about 4 grand and is one of 2,399 Catalina ragtops built this year. So here you have it. A beautiful rendition of a large bodied Pontiac convertible splendid in every way you can imagine. Thanks for watchin' this 1972 Pontiac Catalina convertible.

'04 Pontiac Nationals
Lots of burnouts, Brian Cooks black 1962 Catalina runs a quarter mile.

Dirty Bird 1st pass at Norwalk Pontiac Nationals 2009
Dirty Bird runs 6.63 @ 211.5 MPH Fastest ET at the Norwalk Pontiac Nationals 2009 Racing Event !!!

'04 Pontiac Nationals Trans Am & GTO on Dyno
1972 GTO and 1977 Trans Am on a chassis Dyno.