more evo truck/ ram d50 turbo

more to come..... also known as THE MUTT....

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Turbo Mighty Max
Video of my 91 Mitsubishi Mighty Max starting after the installation of a built motor, AEM, one of my custom headers and modified intake manny and a FP3052.

Turbo neon sohc powered Ram 50
1988 Dodge Ram 50. Bought it in 2003 and drove it for 6 months to and from work. Loaned it to a friend for 2 days and he smoked the stock 2.6L G54b. Since I was quite familiar with the dodge neon, and there are hundreds of them in the local yards, I put a neon engine in it and adapted the stock transmission to fit to it. Also I didn't want to try and make my own Exhaust manifold so I put a freebie turbo on it(that's why it smokes).

4G63 turbo Ram 50
taking my 4G63 Ram50 for a little spin around the neighborhood with open downpipe.

1988 Dodge D50 Lowrider