TX2K12-Beans's Laser on the Dyno

Beans makes 396hp

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Boost Logic at TX2K12 blowing up on board camera view!
Boost Logic made a great pass previously qualifying first but didnt have any luck this pass. Lost a motor but will be back better then ever!

The Ninety Nine Percent took a trip to texas for TX2K12 and this is what it looked like. Edit* Cobra that had 100hit was a 75hit. ABSOLUTELY INSANE! Most of the computer generated footage is from the view of a LS2 GTO with bolt ons gears cam and 150shot. a few of the videos are from a turbo 3V GT on low Boost dialing in the tune. ENJOY check out 813goat and attackofzak for more videos. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QenhkRtk-bY

Tx2k12 Dyno Day at Hennessey 1of2
Hennessey hosted a Dyno day on 3-16-12. Thanks to all the sponsors and Hennessy for this weekend.

TX2K13 Coverage
After some delay, the video is finally up! Enjoy our virgin experience to TX2K, next year will be much, much better! Forums - http://www.thirdhonk.com/community/index.php Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/thirdhonk