Lexus IS F 2012

Lexus IS F High-Performance Sedan Thrills From 0-60 MPH in 4.6 Seconds •New Design for 19-inch Forged BBS Wheels •Excellent Performance Characteristics Provide Driver Confidence •Torsen® Rear Differential Helps Provide Additional Traction Wearing the brand's "F" marque, the Lexus IS F provides drivers a thrilling experience unparalleled in the high performance sport sedan category. Developed at Fuji Speedway and the Higashi-Fuji Technical Center in Japan, the IS F immediately merged "Lexus" and "performance" in the same sentence when it was introduced for the 2008 model year. Now, the IS F is not alone wearing the "F" badge as the brand's high performance portfolio was recently enhanced by the LFA supercar. After receiving an updated suspension last year, the 2012 IS F receives a new, stylish and wider 19-inch forged wheel design. The IS F shows its sporty attitude with an all-new Red leather-trim that replaces the Orange/Black combination seating and interior theme. Engine/Transmission/Drivetrain/Performance The Lexus IS F is exclusively powered by a performance-tuned 5.0-liter V8 engine teamed to an eight-speed Sport Direct Shift transmission. The IS F engine produces 416 horsepower at 6,600 rpm and 371 lb.-ft. of peak torque at 5,200 rpm. The engine's high specific output (83 hp/liter) and high operating range (6,800 rpm redline) reflect the thorough attention to detail underlying the core engineering. The resulting performance character, while quite responsive in low-speed situations, provides a rush of power at higher engine speeds. The forged crankshaft features journals polished to a mirror finish to minimize the friction generated between the connecting rods and the crankshaft. Forged sintered iron alloy connecting rods ensure high-rpm durability. High-flow cylinder heads designed by Yamaha have a lightweight valvetrain, including forged cam lobes on hollow, chain-driven camshafts, with the inside of the shafts serving as oil passages. Titanium valves are operated by roller rocker arms. Innovative technologies help to maximize efficiency and reduce emissions, including the SFI D-4 fuel injection (direct-to-cylinder injection system with secondary port injectors) and the Electronic Throttle Control System with intelligence (ETCS-i). Essentially, SFI D-4 integrates two types of fuel injection: A direct-type high-pressure fuel injection system, which provides a cooling effect in the cylinders and enables the high compression ratio (11.8:1) employed to extract maximum energy from the fuel; a set of low-pressure port fuel injectors that help produce a precise burn to optimize power and efficiency under light- and medium-load conditions. A dual air-intake system uses a primary intake passage for low and medium engine speeds. In the higher engine speed range (above 3,600 rpm), both the primary and secondary passages are opened, helping Boost high-rpm power. With the IS F 5.0-liter V8, Lexus made a leap in valve-control technology with the Variable Valve Timing with intelligence by an electric motor (VVT-iE). An electric drive motor alters the intake camshaft phasing, which made it possible to expand VVT operational range to lower engine speeds, where engine oil pressure is usually not high enough to operate conventional VVT. The Exhaust camshaft uses hydraulically controlled variable valve timing. A scavenge pump forces oil from the cylinder heads back to the oil pan, ensuring a reliable oil supply even during cornering that exceeds one g. The low-restriction dual-Exhaust system terminates in distinctive stacked quad diffusers. The world's first eight-speed Sport Direct-Shift automatic transmission combines the performance characteristics of an automated manual-type transmission with the smoothness and refinement of a planetary-type automatic transmission. As a result, the driver can choose between ultra-quick manual shifts for performance driving and smooth automatic shifts when convenience is the top priority. Eight speeds allow gear ratios that maximize torque up to the tire-grip limitations in the lower ranges while optimizing efficiency. Intuitive powertrain control optimally smoothes out off-the-line response. The driver can select Normal, Sport or Snow driving modes with the flip of a switch. Artificial Intelligence-SHIFT (AI-SHIFT) complements the driver's Sport switch selection by automatically adapting the shifting based on road conditions and driver input. The IS F transmission is also highly responsive to uphill/downhill driving, always selecting the best gear for power or engine braking.

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