Part 2 - LiveCast. Ford Escort ready to race. Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix 2010 (CHGP)

Check out the Classic Car Icons eBook for iPad here: August 7th - Part 2 -- Ford Escort ready to race. Follow this years Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix at's YouTube channel. We will during the coming days (August 7th to 8th) publish our raw and unedited video impressions from the Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix 2010.

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Group N Twin Cam Escort Race 1 Winton 2015
Group Nc Twin Cam Escort at Historic Winton 2015. Starting from the rear of the grid after a flat battery meant push starting the car on the dummy grid. Started 27th finished 9th.

03.-04. Mai 2008 - 20. European Hill Race Eschdorf - Andreas Kokor - Ford Escort Mk1
Andreas Kokor mit seinem Ford Escort RS 2000 MkI beim 20. European Hill Race Eschdorf. Die besten internationalen Bergrennfahrer gaben sich in Eschdorf ein Stelldichein und boten den Zuschauern mitreißenden Motorsport. Die Zuschauer erlebten wieder ein tolles Starterfeld, in der Tat über 150 Fahrer aus 10 verschiedenen Nationen waren am Start. Mehr Info: --- Andreas Kokor with his Ford Escort RS 2000 MkI at the 20th European Hill Race Eschdorf. The best international mountain racing gave themselves a rendezvous in Eschdorf and provided the spectators thrilling motor sport. The audience again witnessed a great starting field, in fact, more than 150 riders from 10 different nations were at the start. More info:

CHGP 2010, Faelledparken, Copenhagen, Lars Eegholm
Lars Eegholm in his 1971 BMW 2002, Race #1, Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix, Faelledparken, 7.-8. August 2010. Visit our website:

BDA Mk1 Ford Escort @ Hallett raceway
From forgotten in a garage to the track, not a common sight in the USA,especially Oklahoma, a Mk1 ford escort rs1600 on the track.