Ski-doo snowmobile history

Ski-doo snowmobiling history 1959-2009 building a spectacular company

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2015 BRP MXZ Iron Dog
They are here! consumer's first 128 inch track! 800 Etec, Ras 2 front suspension and R Motion Rear, Distinctive Graphics and top end fit and finish, limited production to honor the Iconic Iron Dog Alaskan Race Circuit and build to withstand with strong reinforcements like the pro sleds that enter the race! As close as you can get with a production sled, yet all the bells and whistles!

World's first ever snowmobile - 1960 Bombardier ski-doo
On display at the Joseph Armand Bombardier Museum in Valcourt, Québec, Canada is the first ever mass produced recreational snowmobile in the world. This video focuses on this 1960 marvel (In Yellow) Officially this is the first mass production snowmobile intended for recreational purposes. It is the first mass produced vehicle with a rubber endless track reinforced with embedded steel rods. It is the first snowmobile with engine installed up front, with fuel tank in tunnel up front and a dynamo trained by the driven pulley supplying the headlight.. Joseph Armand Bombardier is generally credited for having invented the snowmobile outright, though some other small snow going vehicles where fabricated prior to 1960 but never mass produced. U can support me by purchasing some of my music here: Or like my Facebook page: Some more ways to connect with me: *French* Le premier ski-doo (motoneige) produite par la compagnie Bombardier (1960) au musée dédié à Joseph Armand Bombardier à Valcourt, Québec, Canada. Officiellement, ceci est la première motoneige de série destinée à des fins récréative au monde. C'est le premier véhicule du genre utilisant une chenille de caoutchouc sans fin, renforcée avec des tiges d'acier incorporés dans la chenille. C'est aussi le premier véhicule du genre avec un moteur monté à l'avant du conducteur, possédant un réservoir d'essence à l'avant et une lumière alimentée par une dynamo entrainée par la poulie menée.

Part 1 of Grizzly Lodge, BC | 2015 | 14' Ski-doo Freeride |
17 years old, riding in the backcountry since I was 12. Nothing feels better than grabbing a shit load of throttle! Had an awesome time at Grizzly Lodge, BC - Part 1 Song- Metric - Collect Call (Adventure Club Remix)

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