DOHC Twin Cam L28 Datsun Z Car

Here is the FIRST fire up of the DOHC L series Z car. It is three twin cam Ka24de heads, "molded" together. Twin turbo.

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Overhead Cam at 14K RPM
This video shows an operational cutaway of a BMW S1000RR — a 193HP superbike — bumping against its 14,200RPM redline. A cam and valvetrain at 118 cycles per second is an amazing sight (and sound)

DOHC Twin Cam L28 Datsun Z Car Idle Time
This is to prove a certain someone wrong!


L31DETT Twin Cam Z Cam Video l28 datsun turbo dohc 240z 280z
Here is a short vid of the twin cam twin turbo z car, with showing the cams spinning.