DOHC Twin Cam L28 Datsun Z Car

Here is the FIRST fire up of the DOHC L series Z car. It is three twin cam Ka24de heads, "molded" together. Twin turbo.

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18th Annual Motorsport Auto Z-Car West Coast Nationals Z Show Ride-Along
If you didn't make it out to the WCN this year, then hop on the back of the golf cart (it's a flatbed, so there is plenty of room!), sit back, and enjoy a ride-along through the car show. Unfortunately by the time we were able to start, a number of Z's had left early (be sure to boo loudly at the empty spaces), We're just amateurs at this, so the video is a bit rough, but you still get to see many of the awesome Z's. An unnamed Motorsport employee said that the camera was mugged just before this video was taken, and the reason for the lens smudges. That is his story, and we're sticking with it... The background sounds of the show were great (except for the squealing golf cart brakes, which fortunately we covered), but not allowed due to the music playing in the background... So we chose "The Change", "Pure Performance", and "Epic". Great titles to go with Z-Cars! The Motorsport Auto Z-Car West Coast Nationals is a 3-Day event celebrating the Nissan/Datsun Z. This video is from the Z show, on Sunday, April 28, 2013, on Collins Avenue in Orange, California. A link to lots of still pictures will be up soon on our websites.

Camshaft & Valve Animation Training - Automotive Appreciation Part 2
Course includes cam shafts, valves, variable valve timing, hydraulic cam follower, VVTi and VTEC.

Datsun 240z Project Car Update 9.0: Wiring a Car from Scratch Finale
Finally finished the wiring! For some reason the oil pressure sending unit does not function correctly. Ill worry about that later. Song: Seattle-Song from

1973 Datsun 240Z
Up for sale in our Tampa Showroom is this gorgeous 1973 Datsun 240Z. Growing in both rarity and popularity, these cars are climbing the ladder to some of the most desirable import classic cars in the market. Built before the American transition between the name change of Datsun to what is now known as Nissan, these cars were a true symbol to the Japanese muscle car era. This was the newly designed body style donning the name "Fairlady" in Japan, this was the first generation of the Z cars produced in the American Market. This particular one is built with the original engine, but had the heads replaced with the 2.8L heads brought out in later years of the Z cars. This additional Boost of power gives this old Z a good amount of pep to compete with the American muscle cars. This car is backed up by a 4 speed manual transmission, to allow ultimate control. A lot of these cars in the overseas market during this era came standard with a manual since it was believed very strongly that the driver should maintain almost all control of the vehicle. The interior is lined in a beautiful leather seating to give you the best comfort available. Besides the standard options included in these cars, the modern convenience of an iPod hookup was installed. Also equipped is an AM/FM radio so there should never be a problem finding a good song with these choices. The exterior of the car is painted in a beautiful black with light metal flake, similar to the design used on the Black Pearl edition in later years. Take a ride in this classic Import Muscle and you will understand what the combination of power, handling and style truly means. Options include A/C, AM/FM Radio, iPod Hookup, Seat Belts, Leather Interior and a Numbers Matched Engine. To see this car in better detail, including over 50 High Definition pictures and a full length High Definition Video, please go to To see this car in person, please make an appointment by calling us at (813)645-6200, or by emailing us at - See more at: OMP.dpuf