Aircraft Emergency And Landing in a Glasair - the impossible turn ???

My Glasair engine is a Subaru SVX EG-33. Six bearings in the planetary speed reduction unit failed during departure. I declared an in-flight emergency and immediately returned for landing. Total flight time was 63 seconds. Departure was made with 10 degrees of flaps and remained there until landing with 25 degrees. The buzzer during much of the flight is the "gear up" with "flaps extended" warning horn ... the stall horn never sounded. Speed did drop but the flight never reached critically low speed. Power was intentionally reduced to keep gearbox temps down. I fly patrol flights at 500 ft or less, often 6 to 7 hrs a day. So I do have low level maneuvering experience. I failed to plug the camera mike in so you don't hear the engine monitor blaring out alarms or chatter between other pilots and myself. Some may call this the impossible turn but power was available during the entire flight.

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