Sick Wheelie Show 2 !!!


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Two R1's standing on the back wheel.! Wow
R1 Wheelie Vancouver Lake sportbikes Yamaha

wheelie loop on vancouver lake road
what happenes when it keeps coming up...

Police vehicle can't get out of snow .wmv
This happened at the end of February 2011 , in Apple Valley MN. After snow storm , in the morning police vehicle couldn't get out of snow . So the good Samaritans were trying to push the car out, dig it out, until came the brave Code Enforcement .

Drag racing Z1000, Hayabusa, KX500 @ VW Open 2010
UPDATE: Thanks everyone for 1M views! Here is actual run of same bike@183kph: VW Open 2010 @ Kiikala airfield, Finland. My first drag ever. Driving with red Z and my friend with KX. 11,375s / 197,59km/h. Bike is equipped with Muzzy slip-ons, power commander 3 usb (injection&ignition) and shifter. Sorry about digizoom.