Colorado's Supercharged SHO's

Just a few Boosted SHO owners having some fun.

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Turbo SHO 400+HP

Supercharged Taurus SHO 9psi
10psi through a vortech s-trim. 3.0L, BBB, equal length y-pipe, 3in Exhaust with Dynomax mufflers, ported throttle body, air to water Intercooler

Cobra & STi taken down by a Ford Taurus!?!?!
The new Taurus SHO is no slouch for a grocery getter family sedan! watch this lightly modded Taurus get down on the streets with a supercharged Cobra and a lightly modded STi as well as a ZL1 Camaro

Supercharged Taurus SHO & Go-Pro HD test!
Just testing out my new HD Go-Pro motorsports camera. Was on my way to the 3rd kildars SHO meet in KOP. Awesome and very easy to use! Plus the HD is AMAZING, blows the standard DEF out the water.