Vanagon SVX Subaru testdrive

Here are some clips of my VW Vanagon with SVX engine 4 disc brake system 5 speed tranny

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VW T3 Subaru 3,3 vs. VW T5 2,5 TDi

Subaru SVX 3.3L conversion in VW Vanagon Syncro - Porsche Sound
This is a 1986 VW Syncro Vanagon with a 3.3L subaru engine from an SVX. *** SOLD last year ****

Paul Brandt's VW Kombi T3 with Suby EJ25 motor on dyno
Paul Brandt - White 89 T3 Kombi with EJ25 2.5L Subaru Engine - 70.35hp (1st run with knock sensor fault code and 60% throttle), 2nd run 114.6hp

VW Bus T3 V6 Porsche Style Teil 2