E55 AMG vs. Boosted ek Civic roll races

Couple roll races between a 450whp E55 AMG and a Boosted Civic

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Return Of The J-Swap V6 Civic! New Nitrous Setup Track & Dyno
If you have been following the page for a while you will remember our buddy known as J-swap out racing everywhere with the car. Made some slight changes to the car and even thought he has battled a lot of issues a couple test passes and Dyno runs are featured in the video. Hope to have more to post soon.

'09 Civic Si full-race 3076r turbo vs. E55 AMG pulley tune 30 & 40 mph rolls
Two roll races between a 3076r Civic Si and a E55 AMG mercedes with a upgraded pulley and tune.

K20 Civic EK vs Turbo gsr civic and B18 turbo CRX

Porkchop Evo 8 2.3l stock turbo vs. Mercedes E55 AMG dig roll race
Dig and roll race between Porkchop's Evo 8 & an 11 sec E55 AMG on the street.