E55 AMG vs. Boosted ek Civic roll races

Couple roll races between a 450whp E55 AMG and a Boosted Civic

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'09 Civic Si full-race 3076r turbo vs. E55 AMG pulley tune 30 & 40 mph rolls
Two roll races between a 3076r Civic Si and a E55 AMG mercedes with a upgraded pulley and tune.

B series Turbo Coupe
Racing at Import Face off at New England Drag Way. Still tuning in the car. Currently running 5 pounds of Boost.

E55 AMG vs K24 Civic hatch

H22 civic with nitrous vs e55 amg
Full Details: http://www.modinstructions.com/showthread.php?234-E55-AMG-vs-H22-Civic