Regal GS vs. Grand Prix GTP

modded regal gs vs modded gtp.

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GTP vs Regal GS
My 02 GTP vs a Regal GS

my 98 trans am vs ls2 gto
gto had kooks headers, intake, rockers, other bolt ons. my ta had rpm lvl 5 trans, 3200 stall, gmpp hot cam, slp intake, pacesetter long tubes and ory, slp loudmouth catback, susp mods. sorry for the crappy vid quality

Regal GS vs Grand Prix GTX
Mods... GTX: L32, xp cam, modified st 2 intense heads, headers to full Exhaust, Eaton Gen V w 2.8, full size zzp ic, CAI, #60 injectors, Devils own Meth injection, built trans etc etc. Regal: L32, xp cam, headers to stock catback, intake, 60# inj, Eaton GenVI TVS 1320, stock heads and E85. Race 45-120

Friends modded GTP vs. stock 07 Mustang GT
Friends modded GTP vs. stock 07 Mustang GT