1984 Corvettes are still an incredible car!

The C3 Corvette was an unqualified success. The public had accepted the new body style and responded by pushing sales volume to the 40,000 / year level in six of the last seven years of production. The Corvette had established itself as the technological flagship of the GM lineup. But the last significantly new Corvette chassis was introduced in 1963, more than 20 years earlier. To stay on top, a new generation Corvette was needed. Video Production by http://www.ishootyouryoutube.com

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1984 Corvette C4 Crossfire Injection Flowmaster Exhaust
Walk around video of my c4 corvette. 84's had the crossfire injection, would be nice to get a tuned port sometime.

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This was a great reminder as to why I hate dealing with Dealerships. Thanks for watching!

Chevrolet Corvette C4 '89 5.7 V8 L98 Łukasz Sawczuk 2.10.2016 Zakopane Nowotarska24.com
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