89 VW GTI vs Corvette (race 1)

Garage Built mk2 gti with turboed VR6 motor only 11 psi

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89 VW GTI vs Corvette (race 2)
If you think the corvette wasn't racing check out the other 2 races on my profile...we count down on the 23 sec video. All these were done on closed roads. Please rate an Thanks for watching!!!

89 VW GTI vs 07 Ford Mustang GT
So my friend an I were driving minding our own business and these young kids in their daddy's car wanted to race our (p.o.s vw)....this was the out come... Enjoy!

K04 Gti vs Corvette zo6 roll 50 ( old Vid )
This is an old vid , it was just an attempt to see the k04 limit lol I had no Intake system then , just Downpipe ,k04 turbo , and APR tune. Zo6 is Stock , I would say he was wheel spinning a lot since it a low roll for him . but I was satisfied with my performance.

Corvette vs Volkswagen Bug Drag Racing Racelegal com 6 28 2013
Friday night drag racing at QUALCOMM stadium classic match up Corvette vs Volkswagen Bug Drag