1966 Vw beetle

My bug

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1966 vw beetle
Carshow at Diamond strike bowling lane

Petz's gorgeous 1966 VW Bug
Music: Tropkillaz - Baby Baby Filmed with GoPro Hero3

66' VW Bug Restoration
This was the process I went thru when I restored my 66' Euro Bug.

1966 Volkswagen Beetle 1300
http://www.best-used-cars-online.info/1966-volkswagen-beetle-1300.html What can i tell you about my 1966 Beetle 1300 Lotus White? Well i recently bought the car from a well known dealer who didn't really knew all the detail around the car. Before purchasing the Beetle i asked the manager if he knew what the year on the car was, he said he think its a 1974 model. I then remembered it cant be, because i had a 1974 Beetle and it had the big round tail lights. Already it came to my mind that i am buying a Volkswagen Beetle that is worth something.. We cleaned up the car and soon we discovered the original Owners Manual as well as a partial service history in the glove compartment. After advertising the 1966 Volkswagen Beetle 1300 on Gumtree with a few inquiries, i discovered the car is worth much more to me than the advertised price of R 26,500 Claude from Little Loads, also a Beetle owner advised me to rather keep the car for a couple of years and i should get double the money back. Claude is the proud owner of a 1957 Beetle. Then Ravin of Powertrans also contacted me to buy the Beetle but we already decided to keep the car for a year or so. Ravin is also the owner of a few Beetles.