Truck crash test

Truck crashes in to five cars and a van. It's recoreded at FDM Sjællandsringen, at an event called: DRIVERS EVENT. It's recoreded with a Nikon D90. I own all the rights to this clip.

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Crash test Camion contro auto in coda - Crash test ADAC che simula un incidente tra un Camion e due auto in coda. Immagini impressionanti! Guarda lo speciale: lonna-auto.htm

Les bornes de défense AMCO offrent des résistances inégalées contre l'intrusion des véhicules béliers. La BOAS 30/10 a subit un Crash test en condition réelle, testée en conformité avec la norme Européenne CWA 16221, la norme Anglo Saxonne PAS 68 et la norme US ASTM F 2656, la BOAS 30/10 a stoppé, sans pénétration sur l'obstacle, un camion de Type N3/18000 Kg lancé à 80Km/h (masse de test 7500 Kg) obtenant ainsi les classifications suivantes : Rising bollard V/(N3) 7500/80/90 : 0,1/38,0 selon la norme Européenne CWA 16221. Rising bollard V/7500 (N3)/80/90 : 0,1/38,0 selon la norme PAS 68 M50/P1 selon la norme ASTM F 2656 -- 07 (spécification K12 selon ancienne norme DOS SD-STD 2.01). Pour plus d'informations, rendez vous sur notre site :

DTC - Truck crash test load securing Volvo CH230 at 80 km/h

Heald Ltd HT1-Commander crash test - 30 tonne truck at 50mph -Tested at MIRA on Friday 20th March 2009, the Heald HT1-Commander roadblocker attained the highest PAS68 specification currently available. It is the only roadblocker of its kind to have passed both PAS 68 (30 tonnes/ 50MPH) and the US Department of State K12 certification. It withstood an impact of four times the energy of a standard K12 test, and took just over 1/4 second to stop a 30 tonne truck travelling at 50mph. Description Heald’s HT1-Commander roadblocker is the ultimate in perimeter protection and the world’s only security barrier PAS68 tested to stop dead a 30 tonne truck travelling at 80 kph (50mph). This is officially the highest ever impact energy test successfully undertaken on a security barrier, it achieved a zero penetration result and remained fully operational afterwards. Standing 1165 mm above the ground and presenting an imposing barrier to would-be assailants, there is simply no alternative if you require the very highest level of security. Company overview For more than a quarter of a century, Heald has been providing some of the world’s most high profile sites with advanced protection against hostile vehicle attacks. We are world class innovators in the field of perimeter security technology and the largest manufacturer of quality security equipment in the UK. Our bollards, roadblockers and barriers play a leading role in the defence of vulnerable properties from terrorists, criminals and vandals. Clients include military sites, presidential buildings, palaces, embassies, border controls, airports, oil refineries, stadia, banks, shopping centres, government buildings and many more. We constantly push the boundaries with groundbreaking new designs, tested to the latest British and US security standards, and are renowned for our exemplary in-house manufacturing.