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Porsche GT3 & Viper GTS at Mid Ohio
Track day enthusiasts live for moments like this...when you come across another car close in performance but more importantly very well driven! This 2015 GT3 was running the new Hoosier R7s and some kind of awesome sounding aftermarket Exhaust. I was running the Pirelli World Challenge slick. The designer side of my brain resisted passing him for a few laps as I was literally enjoying looking at the lines on this latest generation of "911". It was the kind of track session where the two drivers seek each other out in the pits and high fives are exchanged. Was an absolute pleasure running with the Northern Ohio Porsche Club today!

GT3 chasing Viper ACR around Laguna Seca 1:37.5 lap.
Trying to keep up with the legendary Ben Treynor Sloss in his Viper ACR, but the ACR is just too fast. NOT my cleanest driving by far - fatigue (last session of the day), very annoying traffic and maybe some red mist as well :-). But I could not find a faster Laguna lap for a 991 GT3 on OEM tires on youtube, so decided to upload anyway.

Rivals: Ford Mustang GT350R vs. Dodge Viper ACR vs. Porsche GT3 RS
We've got gobs of horsepower, tons of torque and plenty of burnt rubber. Three track monsters go at it, but only one can take the checkered flag. Subscribe to Roadshow: Visit us online at Twitter @Roadshow : IG @RoadshowAutos : Facebook:

2016 Viper ACR vs Porsche GT3 - Thunderhill 5-mile
I had a spirited session with this Porsche. Love the Thunderhill 5-mile. 2 tracks connected together. You fly blind over a mountain to drop into the west side. What a kick.