1993 ford probe GT ''2.5 mazda/ford 24v dohc'' 5 spd tuned !

this car is awesome, we just rebuilt it from the block up, the heads were decked,5 angle valve job, polished "inside", all new gaskets, and valve train, 10.2 mm plug wires, cold air, new high flow cat. new timing gears, belt, and other pulleys connected to the timing,has a pretty small stereo system rite now, just a 10'' infinity perfect that i repaired talk about a tough sub its like 8 yrs old lol ,a OLD school 700 watt 2 ch LA sound amp,pioneer premier head unit , but it will be nice when im done.my other system hits easy 145+ dbs. soon getting headers ,new muffler maybe all 3" piping,and a chip cuz all my mods set off the check eng. lite.even though it runs perfect, you guys got any good suggestions without turbo or Supercharger how to get some more power out of it??? lmk plz, o yea check out my RX-7 project car to!! TAGS ford probe 2.5 gt mazda fast race car drag 24v dohc cold air heads stereo port polish angle valve RX-7 project car mazda2284 loud spl infinity perfect 10 la sound pioneer premier ts-w3004spl rockford amp mtx speakers kicker rca turbo mx6 gt 90 323 92 walled hatchback headers chrome holley edelbrock tuner tuning racecar racer racing

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RX-7 Rare hard to find rotary 4 spd ! mazda 1978-79
1978-79 mazda rx-7 , rotary 70 cu. , 4 spd zoom zoom !!! first year of the rx-7, no mods , restoring it to original factory shape, 12a , 2 seats and a shifter all ya need ! can still do a nice burnout , would like to get some 0-60 shots one of these days, i dont think ill be putting any 3000 watt subwoofers in here lol. 1978-79

Infinity Perfect BLACK subwoofer 1200 watt
this is the Infinity Perfect BLACK that i repaired ,was blown and didnt work at all. looks nice blacked out .running off an old school 700 watt 2 ch LA sound amp, this amp is like 13 years old and still sounds great .. how many people can say they have an amp that lasts that long? lol if it ever does blow ill have it repaired, maybe get 13 more out of it lmao,i should re finish my amp needs new paint. this stuff maybe old school but still sounds great compared to nowdays stuff. jbl crown , pioneer premier head unit , kenwood speakers , this sub has nice excursion , i believe they are 12mm x max !

the best singing dog!! next American idol !
budda is his name he loves to sing i've been working on getting him to say 'i love you' lol , he will sing to some rock songs, he likes nickelback in the riding in my toyota pickup lol.his favorite song is the one on our home phone, he writes his own songs lol sometimes he will try a new one, but this is his favorite song hes singing check out my other vid's i have subwoofers, my cars, ford probe gt', rx-7 , mazda 323 ,and more, budda is are rockstar though!! he should try out for American idol !

old school 15" subwoofers
these babys are old , a new 10" sub sounds better than these old school monsters but there still good nuff to get the windows rattling lil bit, they only handel about 100 rms each there made in japan or china somewhere like that. sunsui brand