the ultimate police stop in history

theres noway you get away from these cops

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POLICE STATE VS CITIZEN - Officers get caught harassment abuse misconduct profiling
Q & A “Who are the officers?” Officer Aymee Race (badge #6856), she works for the Utah Transit Authority Police Department. Name and badge number are given in the video because it's in the public interest. The officers in the video are public servants acting unlawfully. “You brought it on yourself! You wouldn’t have been given a ticket if you would have just politely complied!” I knew that if I stood up for my rights they were going to give me a ticket (or worse), but $50 is a small price to pay for my dignity. “The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppose.” –Fredrick Douglas “You set up the video! You went there to harass the cops!” No. I didn’t. This is my only youtube video, and frankly I wish it had never happened. “You should never insult police officers! You’re only going to make them mad and get it worse!” You’re the problem with America. Bootlicking cowards like you make me sick. You all deserve the government you have. “You should never give an officer your I.D.! “ Utah is one of the few states with a show me your papers law. I had a busy schedule that day and I couldn't afford to be arrested. But thanks for the amateur legal advice. “You’re grammar is horrible and discredits your point!” I’m not very computer savvy so I had a cheap Bangladeshi freelancer edit the video through skype. I didn't even take the time to review his work. I didn't notice it had posted and gone viral until months later. “Did you sign the ticket?” Yes, with the words “under coercion” written next to my signature. Like I said, $50 is nothing, and I had very important things to do that day, I couldn’t afford to be arrested. “Is the UTA private property or public property? Why are police working security?” Both unfortunately. The UTA is a great example of crony-capitalism. It’s a tax payer subsidized private company. A note from the owner of this channel: Since this video first went viral I have received many death threats and I’m sure the officers involved have received death threats. I was once a very outspoken anarcho-capitalist, but as time has passed my political views have matured. All I want now is to tend to my family and live my life. All the anti-police violence is not conducive to freedom. Things are getting bad. And it’s only going to get worse. A lot worse. I want nothing to do with it. When the shit hits the fan I'll be watching the U.S. government and the revolutionaries have at it from my laptop on the beach in Tahiti. I'm not going to support changing an evil system for a slightly less evil one (or a worse one). A real revolution is a philosophical one, once a revolution becomes violent it is already lost. And frankly the human race has let me down. I know now that human beings are just not ready for peace. What are human beings fit for other than being ruled? It is what it is. I’m now a social darwinist, I'll support whoever benefits my family. ..and political instability is not beneficial to them. Anarcho-Capitalists like to compare livestock to people and say that animals (humans) would be able to live free without the farmer (ruling class). Well, I disagree; some species of animals are so stupid, so domesticated, that they would starve without the farmer. And I think that is the case with 99% of the human species. Human beings need government, and they usually get the government they deserve. Don’t get me wrong, I do have empathy for the people being oppressed, but I now understand the ruling class, I see were they’re coming from. Again, I want nothing to do with politics. I’m not a social activist. All I care about is my health, my wife, and my children. So please leave me alone.

Dramatic Police Chase Shootout
(Video strictly for news/educational purposes). The Seattle Police Department has released video of a dramatic police chase involving a carjacker. During the chase the suspect fired multiple shots at the pursuing officers. Eventually the police succeeded in stopping the suspect's vehicle, however when he tried to get away again officers fired, killing him. (Video strictly for news/educational purposes). What is GlobalLeaks? Founded before 2012, the GlobalLeaks News Channel has grown into a popular current events and informational platform on YouTube and across the internet. We strive to show people the events left out of the mainstream media. The events, that in many cases are shaping our world. If you'd like to keep up to date be sure to join us and subscribe. --- Follow us on twitter: --- --- Follow us on Facebook: If you have any questions or would like to send us footage, contact us directly at or visit our website

Police Dash Cam - Cops Gone Wild
Sorry about the sound, For live audio click on The link below! Cops open fire on a minivan with kids as young a six over a speeding citation dispute. Paid Sponsorships for your channel: .

BEST OF Police and FAIL - part I (N°1)
💥😜 HEY !!!!!!!!! n'hésite pas à aller voir mes nouvelles vidéos ici : 💥 Part II : GvvRNvXZR4E42eJ1 Police + Small Boat = Great optical illusion ! Best of Firefighters and Fails (N°3) GvvRNvXZR4E42eJ1&nohtml5=False Best of Stupid people (N°5) R4E42eJ1&index=5&nohtml5=False Best of Girls Fails (N°4) R4E42eJ1&index=4&nohtml5=False Best of Fails Military (N°2) R4E42eJ1&index=2&nohtml5=False BEST OF Police and FAILS - part II (N°6) GvvRNvXZR4E42eJ1 🔵 video BEST OF the best Police and epic FAIL / crash.