SLIDES Preview New Dodge Barracuda 840 hp @ Lighter Challenger


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A 2019 Dodge Barracuda ? Here's what we've heard.
The 2019 Dodge Barracuda Since 2012 there have been rumors surrounding the possibility of a brand new Barracuda A trademark review was done for the name Barracuda this year and sure enough it came back positive and a small number of cars may be being made and sold in Italy in 2017 The Dodge Barracuda will be a smaller car than the Dodge Challenger and Charger With both a coupe and a convertible model the Barracuda will use a twin-turbo, V6 with more power than the current Hemi being sold The new Barracuda was supposed to be an SRT vehicle. SRT only serves Dodge now, so the Barracuda will obviously be under the Dodge name The Barracuda will most likely borrow the modular rear-wheel-drive system from the Alfa Romeo Giulia MSRP: Unknown at this time

2017 Dodge Barracuda
2017 Dodge Barracuda

2018 Dodge Demon: NEWS UPDATE (Hidden Clues & Horsepower Revealed)
*Update, Dodge invited me to New York City! Check out my latest video: FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM: In this video, I give you all the latest details on the new Dodge Demon. The Demon will be officially unveiled at the New York Auto Show this April. Thanks for watching Check out the Official Dodge Demon Videos: Body: Crate: Forced Induction: Other Videos used:

Plymouth Road Runner Concept
Ressurection of a muscle car legend. Plymouth Road Runner Design Concept for 2011 by designer Michael Leonhard.