v8 colorado magnacharger

A sweet 5.3L Colorado stopped by for some tuning. It already had a Magnacharger and we added one of our Electric Fan Kits which picked it up an additional 20 rwhp!! Final numbers were 442rwhp and 407rwtq!

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What HEMI?
Ls1 colorado 1st test at dragstrip

Chevy Colorado v8 supercharged
Chevy Colorado v8 5.3 supercharged TVS1900,,,tuned by G-Force Motorsports,,,,stock cam, stall, gears, tires,,, ran a 13.0,, the lightning ran a 12.6

V8 5.3 Chevrolet Colorado
My 5.3 Chevy Colorado doing some burnouts 0-120 run.

v8 colorado