STS Turbo Promo Video

Promo video created for STS turbo

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Easy Piper Cake Decorator
Promotional video for the amazing Easy Piper cake decorator!

KAMAK STS Turbo Comparison
Short video detailing the differences and benefits of the KAMAK STS turbocharger against turbonetics, Garrett, and Godspeed. --------------------------- ☆ FOLLOW US ☆ --------------------------- ☆ Facebook: ( ☆ ☆ Instagram: ( ☆ --------------------------- ☆ CONTACT US ☆ --------------------------- Have any questions or comments? We'd love to hear from you! ☆ Email: ☆ Tumblr: ------------------------- ☆ RELATED LINKS ☆ -------------------------

GTO STS Turbo with HPE cam cold start
HPE cam, rear turbo setup. can you hear high pitch sound, thats the turbo fan blades on duty. I didn't want to rev it too much since it my baby was cold. I will post a vid later with the engine warm. some of the modifications. cam, high-flow water pump, and fuel pump, 383 strocker kit, 60lps fuel injectors, sts turbo(4-8 psi), stalled transmission and more. This car crushed a z06 corvette, new Camaro, G8 GXP, the new 5.0 Mustang, and many more.

Some fun filming at the track with STS Turbo 350Z
Here is just some video of a 350Z going around the track being filmed. Mild setup 5 psi 350whp.