Pullin away in my 2001 dodge cummins diesel

pulling away from my house in my 2001 dodge diesel cummins

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dodge cummins cold start
starting 2001 dodge cummins in 15 degree weather

Dodge Cummins, pulls out two Fords at the same time.
Saw a truck stuck, tried to help but the F350 was gonna pull her out he got stock so I pulled both out at the same time. 2 at the same time I dont mind, its just sand. Shows some of the awesome power of cummins, and I barely felt anything behind me. F-350 was 2wd btw. I'm not saying the fords suck, just dont drive a lowered truck on soft land.

2001 Dodge Cummins Blowin Smoke
Made this for my buddy Kyle, It's an 01 Dodge Ram 3500, 24V, 6 Speed, 150hp Injectors, K&N Intake, 5" Stacks, Lift Pump, Edge Juice w/ Attitude.

Dodge Ram 2500 Cummins diesel
Loading it up and testing the water injection.