Hertz Mustang TRYING to do donuts = FAIL!

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Mustang donuts fail
This is not a fail it just seems like people like to watch fails! This is about me and my Lil bro he said he can do better an wider donuts than me he said he can swing them around me so we got down In a parking lot late night you let me know what you think! My Lil brother spec. Stock 95 5.0 Mustang auto mines yellow 98. Gt 5spd stock with flows night ended with my Lil bro getting chased by security for one block video was recorded with iphone4 thanks for watching! And please comment [hoodtactikz510]

Mustang Club Russia Rostov Burnout Drift Donuts Fail

Mustangs leaving Cars and Coffee
Mustangs leaving Cars and Coffee

Mustang Exhaust clip Donut FAIL
Me and a couple of friends @datruthlethal making an Exhaust clip orgy of sounds. Boosted B20Vtec ek, 2002 Mustang GT long tubes catless H, stock mufflers, 2012 Genesis (center @datruthlethal) secondar