94 4Runner: 5VZ-FE (3.4L) Fires Up For First Time! (08/21/11)

Well, I got all the wiring done, and installed the gas tank, only to have a setback... But I got that dealt with, and turned the key, and she fired up! took a bit though... It wouldnt have had a problem if i had my car started to begin with... the 4runner just wasnt getting enough juice... Thanks for Watching!

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5VZ-FE First Start
Первый пуск 5VZ-FE с автомобиля Toyota Grand Hiace 2000 г.в. Подробнее о проекте: http://www.drive2.ru/r/uaz/592417/

94 4Runner: SHE DRIVES NOW! (08/26/11)
Well, i got to go for a little romp today, but it tired me out haha! im thinking the power steering pump is shot... cause i should be able to turn like the front tires are on ice with no problem! but i have to fight like hell to get the steering wheel to turn... I got the rear driveshaft in, its such a drastic angle haha! i hope i dont start going through ujoints now hahaha! Thanks for Watching!

toyota 3.4 swap 5vzfe
1990 toyota 3.4 swap downey headers, full 2.5 inch Exhaust (crossover also) magnaflow muffler airaid intake

1990 4runner 5vz-fe engine swap
140,000 miles on body and engine, 33" tires w/ matching spare, cruise, manual windows and door locks, clean interior, hood, fender, and door have been re-cleared and have discolored, the windshield has a crack in it. It has manual hubs, 4x4, new clutch, new radiator, new water pump, new idler pulleys , new idler arm, also has been tuned up recently