Giant 22+ TON Engine Start up - Great Sound!

I originally thought this was a "hit and miss" type engine because of the flywheel configuration, but after some research learned it is a 2 stroke diesel engine that originally ran a large cotton gin. Story of this massive engine. This is a 110 HP 2 cycle 2 cylinder hot head oil engine manufactured by the Continental Gin Company in Birmingham, Alabama. this engine was located in Yuma, Arizona, and was in use at a cotton gin from 1924 to 1949. SInce this engine has no load on it, it is pretty quiet, but folks said when it was in service and under load, it could be heard for over 12 miles. It is started using compressed air and both of the hot heads are heated using torches, though I did not notice that when they started this. Interesting Specs: The weight of this beast is over 22 tons. Each flywheel weighs 4260 lbs. Bore is 14" Stroke is 20" It runs on a mixture of oil and diesel. RPM 225 -- This was at the Antique Farm Equipment Show in Tulare, CA. I will be posting more old tractor and truck footage the next week or so.

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Big Engines Start Up and Sound
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Russischer Sternmotor - Russian Radial Engine Start and Run
For more videos please take a look on my Facebook Group: Beim traditionsreichen Traktorentreffen in Burkhardtsdorf ist seit einiger Zeit immer ein großer russischer Sternmotor aus einer Antonow dabei. Der wurde natürlich auch gefilmt. Da es am Morgen sehr kühl und feucht war, machte er einige Probleme beim starten aber dann lief er. Typisch für alte Sternmotoren ist die große Rauchentwicklung beim Start, da eine größere Ölmenge in die unteren Zylinder läuft, die dann verbrannt wird. Der Sound war wie immer ohrenbetäubend.

Antique Giant diesel engine Duvant 9VOS start up
Big diesel engine was a power generator from the Auteuil racecourse "hippodrome" (france) Moteur géant Duvant turbo diesel 9VOS 1600CV 330ltr 34tonnes 9 cylinders 4valves/cyl 6 meters long start up an run Les flammes se produisent lorsque le mécanicien ouvre les injecteurs de démarrage pour le show. The mechanic opens the start injectors to make it spit flames for the show. One connecting rod weighs 120 Kg / 265Pounds The flywheel weighs 3.5Tons / 7716Pounds 120kg pour une bielle, 3.5tonnes le volant moteur Big diesel engine, old diesel engine start, giant turbo diesel engine, turbo diesel motor, Giant diesel engine startup, start-up antique diesel engine, Giant diesel engine, old engine, big engine, big flames Exhaust, Großer Dieselmotor

What the what? Jeff uploaded something besides a GUN video? Why am I speaking in third-person? How is this even possible? We pour mercury on top of table salt. Hg is 7 TIMES denser than salt- the salt should float. Why doesn't it just freely float to the surface? This is not CGI or camera trickery. It's not stunt-salt or magician's mercury... Mercury is a toxic, heavy metal. We use all precautions needed to do these experiments. Often I just make it look like I am being sloppy just to mess with people who aren't paying close attention. OVER 40 Wacky Mercury Videos! Playlist: Our videos are COPYRIGHTED and PROTECTED. Please share the video or embed it on your favorite website. But please do not violate my copyright by re-uploading it. This is your only warning.