The C-10 Build

Bagged, Body dropped completly shaved, airbags, dragin, switch's bitchs, Custom Truck, Full Frame

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Trent Eschete's '87 Chevy C10 with model Dani Felli
Rats&CatsKustoms presents a Video/Photo shoot with local friends from Southern Louisiana.

Finnegan's Garage Ep 19: Airbagged, Body Dropped, LS Swapped '67 Chevy C10 Project
This is a big moment in my life. I just bought a truck I built a long time ago and thought was gone forever. By pure chance during Power Tour '16 I ran into Justin Padfield of Scott's Hot Rods. He's owned this '67 Chevy that I built back in 2007 for nearly a decade. It was unfinished when I sold it to him and it still is but I'm stoked to have it back because it's the baddest truck I've ever built. There will be many episodes about the rebirth of this truck on Finnegan's Garage as I fix the broken stuff, add more power under the hood and finish what I started. This episode will show you the good, the bad and the ugly of my favorite Chevy truck. Follow me @finnegan999 on Instagram and @mikefinnegan999 on Twitter. Want a shirt or hat? head over to http:/

1987 C10 Pro Street Build Part 1

Imperiouz Bagged Trucks DZ 2012
The Crowned Mob mobbin to DangerZone 2012!! Took over, Biggest Club & 6 Top 100 trucks!!! Its tha Muthafukkin Mob!!!