Lanterna Ford Maverick Fase II com luz de ré v8

Lanterna para Maverick customizada com led's --------------------------------------------- Xavier Yssis ---------------------------------------------------

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Lanternas para Ford Maverick fase II com led's customizadas
Mais um modelo de lanternas exclusivas com led's para Maverick Semelhantes as originais ( mesmas medidas ) mas com um designe bem mais moderno Lanternas de luz de ré externas ( consulte a opção de ré na lanterna como na original ) Instalação simples e para qualquer modelo sem adaptação ----------------------------------------------- XAVIER YSSIS -----------------------------------------------

1970 - 1977 Maverick LED Sequential Tail Lights by Easy Performance Products
70 - 77 Maverick LED Sequential Tail Lights made by Easy Performance Products. 6 unique sequential turn signal patterns with standard flash plus lower level illumination Running Lights. Performs turn signal, brake light, running light, back up light and emergency flash functions. Also includes Demo Mode that cycles through all patterns by flashing each patter 6 times then stepping to the next. Simple installation. Just a push of a button to change patterns. Lifetime warranty. Learn more at

Kit de led's para lanterna do Maverick fase I v8 turbo ...Xavier Yssis lanternas customizadas
Kit para instalação na lanterna do Maverick fase I utilizando a lente original sem adaptação simples e rápido Led's em todas as funções --------------------------------------------------------- XAVIER YSSIS ------------------------------------------

1972 Ford Maverick vs. 2015 Challenger Hellcat at 2015 Duluth Drag Races
The Maverick has a 351W with a T5 transmission. Race 2/5 2015 Duluth Drag Races & Car Show