Audi Quattro Sport

Driving down to Southsea and spotted this Audi Quattro Sport in the traffic.

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BF4 AMD Omega Driver Mantel recording?
AMD have just released their new "Omega" drivers. This is the big improvment AMD users have been waiting for. There is nothing wrong with AMD hardware but their drivers have never been good. One could argue that the nVidia "secret sauce" has not been the hardware but the drivers... One of the many improvements AMD has is that now the Raptr screen recorder now works with Mantle. This Video goes to show that they need to do some more work... From the gamers perspective BF4 felt a lot smoother, no jitters or dropped frames.

Southsea beach in the sun

Sunny Sunday at Eastney

Foxhole to St.Dennis Clay Contry Drive. Cornwall
This was recorded a few moths ago at the end of the winter. Everything is much greener now. This is mid Cornwall in clay country. This part of Cornwall isn't the picturesque tourist location you might visit on holiday. This is high ground around St. Austell, dominated by massive pits and their associated spoil from china clay extraction.