V8 Reliant Kitten V V8 Robin Drag Race

Both street driven raced as they drive on the street. www.beardmorebros.co.uk for more info on the Kitten.

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World of Reliant - Reliant Motor Company promotional video
This fascinating Reliant Motor Company promotional video was produced in the mid 1980's. It gives a brief history of Reliant and shows you some of the methods used to produce fibreglass car bodies, 850cc engines and much more! There is some great footage of Reliant Scimitar GTE/GTC, Reliant Fox and Reliant Rialto. The video is about 24 minutes long! For more information on the Reliant Sports cars visit my website: www.sporting-reliants.com Dave Poole

Snowmobile Races Vs. Ferrari 458 and F430 Spider in Drag Race!! - Modball Rally 2015
Now this will probably the strangest thing you'll see today!!! During Modball Rally 2015 at Varano de Melegari racetrack in Italy, I have filmed a Snowmobile drag racing against a Ferrari F430 Spider and a Ferrari 458 Spider! What’s surprising about the drag races is the results, watch the video to find out why! Follow me also on: - Facebook: http://www.fb.com/NM2255 - Google+: http://plus.google.com/+NM2255 - Twitter: http://Twitter.com/NM2255 - 2nd Car Channel: http://www.YouTube.com/NickCarVideos

Top Fuel Motorcycle Dirt Drag Racing
Extreme Top Fuel Motorcycle Dirt Drag Shoot Out. Let her Rip

10 Wheelstands with absolutely BRUTAL landings. Which do you think did the most damage?