Corrado 1.8 G60 195HP 0-100km/h

G60 RS, 68mm, Ta Technix

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Corrado G60 0-180 RS g-lader stock pulley
RS flowed g-lader and a volkswagen motorsport chip. Stock pulley, and no other mods been made so far. Exhaust = without front damper and without a cat. Enjoy!

0-100kmh Corrado G60 stage 3+ ca 210PS
Corrado G60 US -70Laderad (mit Nocke 0.87Bar) -Theibach CHIP -RS-Ausgang -RS-Drosselklappe -Alu-Riemenscheibe (-1,8KG) -Schrick Nockenwelle 275/268 Grad -K&N Plattenfilter Vmax Tacho 255kmh/(GPS 234KMH), Getriebe ATA (US)

'90 VW G60 Corrado Supercharged 1.8!
Volkswagen's replacement sports car. Why? Because Porsche kept the 944 for themselves. Is a supercharged front wheel drive hot hatch a good substitute?

Corrado 1.8 8V G60 Turbo
Garrett T3/T4E super60, 1.0 bar, Kolbencshmidt pistons, Ported cylinderhead, Schrick 268/276 camshaft, Water to air Intercooler, Lightened flywheel...etc