Chevy C-20 Hill Climb WIN

trying to go uphill on loose wood chips. open diffs FTW.

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The Heartbreak of an Open Diff
View the shame of a peg-leg burnout and wheelspin off the line, followed by the redemption of actually getting the driver's side tire to smoke in the water box! It's three minutes of your life you'll never get back, guaranteed!

72 Chevy C20 Super Cheyenne walk around
72 chevy truck super Cheyenne c20

SRT4 Hard Launch
1.71 60ft time. Stock rear struts and springs, front ebay coilover conversion. Twindisk clutch, open diff, stock axles, 5000rpm 2step drop.

Open diff v Lock diff
This is the difference between an open diff then locking it same hill same line different view