Porsche 911 Turbo S vs. Nissan GT-R R35 - Roll Race - HD

Delco Motorsports http://www.youtube.com/DelcoMotorsports http://www.facebook.com/DelcoMotorsports Roll Race from around 45-60 2012 Porsche 911 turbo S PDK 997.2 - 530 HP Stock 2010 Nissan GT-R R35 - 505 HP Meisterschaft Stainless Catback Exhaust HKS Legamax Midpipe

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The Two Second Club -- Bugatti, Nissan and Porsche | Road and Track
Breaking the production car 3 second barrier in 0-60 acceleration. Where many have failed, these specimens prevail; one from Japan, one from Germany and a third from France. Read the road test here: http://bit.ly/neCOmu

Porsche Turbo S PDK 2011 vs Lamborghini Superleggera
Porsche turbo S 2011 vs Lamborghini Superleggera na arrancada 09/04/2011 em Brasilia DF

ALL-NEW 2018 PORSCHE 911 Turbo S Exclusive Series – Design & Performance at Goodwood FOS
Porsche has not one, but two new 911 versions to show off at the ongoing Goodwood Festival of Speed where the flagship GT2 RS is sharing the spotlight with another hardcore version. The turbo S Exclusive Series model is a special edition, limited to 500 worldwide, priced at $293,800 where the GT2 RS costs an additional $40,200. It may not look all that different compared to the turbo S upon which it’s based, but the Exclusive Series does pack some extra niceties to try and justify the hefty premium of around $76,600 it commands over the base model. For the price difference between the two, one could buy an entry-level Cayman. So, what does the Exclusive Series have that the turbo S doesn’t? ➽ If you want your video to be published on our channel, please feel free to send us an email on: automototv.reviews@gmail.com STAY UP TO DATE & CONNECT WITH US AT: ►https://www.facebook.com/CarsOfficialTrailers ►https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoL89UdKaKpam4cntiSKpiw?sub_confirmatio n=1

Nissan GTR vs Porsche 911 Turbo S Drag Race!
Raced my GTR against a 2014 Porsche 911 turbo S. My tires were 3 years old and I lost traction and had to let off the gas a little. I got beat by about 2-3 feet. With new tires it would have been no contest. Lucky Porsche.