Colorado AMC Car club

We are non profit chapter of the American Motors Owners Association located in the Denver, Colorado Metro Area. The club publishes a monthly newsletter that will give you a great place to find local and national news, Colorado Old Car Council news, vender info, and parts for sale. Our club consists of friends and families of the AMC Hobby and/or the interest in restoring, driving, racing and owning AMC vehicles. We are also open to non-AMC owners as well! We also have a Northern Colorado AMC club chapter for our member that live north of Denver! Membership is one club but with a separate meeting place in the Loveland area. We also have members from Wyoming. Come join the fun!!!

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Cool AMC Muscle
A Collection of Cool AMC Muscle Cars Stock and Modified

Brian's AMC Bone Yard
PLEASE NOTE: that this was back in 2013. All these cars are gone now. I am not Brian, and I don't have parts for sale. I only visited Brian once at his property to do this salvage. I got a few parts to fix up my own eagle project. We went out to Sask., to grab as many AMC parts as we could before the crusher comes for all these cars. Here's a an overview of the yard.

AMC car show/slide show

AMC 1974 Javelin
1974 AMC Javelin 360 4 barrel